All the Specialists You Need, All in One Place

Our talented team of engineers possess a variety of specialties that allow us to meet your project’s exact needs. From robot programming and control engineers to weld technicians, we have the resources to assist you in achieving your goal every step of the way.

Robot Programming

With a large variety of in-house programmers, all in a wide array of specialties, we are always able to pair you with the perfect programmer to meet your project’s needs. Our team holds a vast knowledge of robots, from Fanuc, Comau, and Kawasaki to ABB and Motoman. In addition, we’re highly experienced in multiple application types such as spot welding, MIG welding, material handling, vision, palletizing, and more.

PLC Programming

Our control engineers, like our robot programmers, possess a variety of specialties as well as experience with an assortment of tools by manufacturers such as Siemens and Allen Bradley. Not only are our control engineers knowledgeable about software, they also have the ability and means to understand complex hardware.

Cycle Time Reduction

A manufacturer’s biggest continuous battle is meeting the needs of their customers. The largest cause for delays is generally a system’s cycle time, or thru-put. However, cycle time is not the only reason for not meeting the ideal production rate; often repetitive system errors, mechanical or technical, can prevent a company from meeting these goals.

At ASI, our techs have vast amounts of experience in reducing cycle time. From holiday and weekend shutdowns to altering a running system without directly interrupting production, we are able to evaluate, document, and alter your system to see what and where we can make improvements.

Production Support

It’s important for systems to be maintained after they are installed. Individual parts and power cables require replacement over time.

ASI has the well-rounded, highly-experienced automation specialists to do just this. We have all the resources and manpower needed to fully maintain your systems and keep them running. Our production support doesn’t only stop at robotics and controls, we can also provide general maintenance to assist with daily task such as mechanics, electric, and pipe fitting.

Weld Technicians

In the world of manufacturing, welding tasks such as MIG welding can be difficult to keep organized. With burn backs, metal variances, and nozzle/diffuser/tip replacement needed on a regular basis to ensure product quality, these tasks can become difficult to address if a company has a limited amount of manpower and resources available. In this regard, ASI stands apart from the rest. We have robot programmers and weld technicians who are dedicated specifically to these tasks, so every project stays on track and in budget.