screenshot of Process Simulate software file

Process Simulate for Robotics and Automation

At Automated Services International, we have a great team of project managers and simulation engineers ready and eager to make your project a success. Using the most powerful simulation software in the business today, Process Simulate, we will transform your project from sketch to reality. Our simulation engineers have robot programming experience, and it’s this field experience that sets us apart from all other simulation groups. Additionally, the same engineer who does simulation on your project can follow it to the floor, so nothing is lost in transition.

Our team know the problems they have experienced in the past and how to avoid them during the design phase, saving you time and money. At the start of a project, our OLPs are certified in a robot’s specific software, effectively eliminating line errors so the programs will load seamlessly into the robot teach pendant. We are also prepared to handle any layout needs that you may have.

screenshot of Process Simulate file with human

We will work closely with you, validating and verifying the placements from our simulation software, before updating everything in AutoCAD. This process helps to eliminate the majority of errors that typically occur on the production floor with things not being placed correctly.